CNS Teaching Fellowship

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The UMass College of Natural Sciences offers a First-year seminar to CNS-declared majors under the broad umbrella “Think like a Scientist”. Graduate students interested in a teaching career are encouraged to apply. Each FYS is unqiue to the person teaching it, which gave me the opportunity to build a (mini) cirriculum and practice some skills I learned abstractly by taking CIRTL online training courses.

My FYS topic centers around computational simulations that aid in prediction of the future. I plan to have a series of classes where we interact with a free online simulation tool to build a sense of what can be predicted and how predictions might be evaluated. Then in the last few weeks I will allow them freedom to build a mini project and present their findings to their friends. Perhaps some results will get posted on this site.

Some key take-aways:

  • tbd, haven’t done it yet…