Teaching Experience

Guest lectures

  1. Molecular mechanics and additive protein force fields; UMass Chem 586 Statistical Mechanics
    • Feb 2020, Instructor: Dr. Jianhan Chen
  2. (Guest moderator) Student-led discussion on AlphaFold2 Nature paper; Amherst College Biophysics Seminar
    • Mar 2023, Instructor: Dr. Ashley Carter
  3. Drug design and CADD in Cancer Biology; UMB Grad. Program in Life Science 665 Cancer Biology: From Basic Research to the Clinic
    • Sep 2023, Instructor: Dr. Rena Lapidus.
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Natural Sciences First-Year Seminar

The goal of the FYS is to welcome first-year CNS students and prepare them for college and for a major in the sciences. Read more

Scientific Storytelling

Effective scientific storytelling is similar to telling a fairy-tale.

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Undergraduate Research Mentoring

I have mentored a few undergraduate students at UMass Amherst (2019-2021). I hope to continue this in my own teaching career, through small projects, independent studies, and research projects integrated into courses.
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