Introduction to Evidence-based Teaching

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This online course (through the edX platform and CIRTL) introduced me to the kinds of challenges facing an ‘expert’ in a field who is trying to reach a collection of students with various skills, previous knowledge, and emotions. In fact, the growth-mindset and iterative, active learning priciples I hope to implement are the same I need to use to learn how to teach.

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Some key take-aways:

  • Elements of good course design include:
    • Has lots of elements of active learning!
    • Alignment between course objectives, activities and assessments
    • Inclusively accomodate the important ways people are different
    • Foster Growth-mindset:
      • opportunities to improve, fix things
      • focus on the process of learning
      • praise students for their effort, commitment, improvement
  • The final project was a fairly detailed lesson plan, which I wrote about polyprotic acid titrations.
    • Writing detailed lesson plans is difficult
    • I would need to teach this lesson many times to improve it
    • It may not be necessary to plan every lesson to this detail; some ideas can carry-over across the course