1st class done!

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My first class, a first-year seminar called “Order and Chaos, Reconciling atomic randomness and the human world” was a big success. Some of the final projects students designed, carried out and presented:

  • Gas permeation through a eggshell-like membrane (pictured below)
  • Irreversibility of an explosion simulation
  • Thermal equilibration and planet formation
  • Equilibration of plucked strings

Some key take-aways:

  • I can do this, and more importantly, I enjoy doing this even when it is difficult.
  • I had two very different groups of students: one highly engaged and one disengaged
    • In neither case was it helpful to worry too much about something “going great” or “going poorly”
    • It was helpful to simply recognize if something went poorly, and think “can I easily address that next time?”
  • Definitely want to ask to be called “Professor”